Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My New Favorite Color

Back in January on American Idol, Randy Jackson wore a turquoise watch...look closely...its PIMP! Obviously I fell in love right away...with the watch that is :) LOVE IT!So this post is in dedication to this beautiful color that I am obsessed with. TURQUOISE. Look at that water. Here I go again daydreaming of going to a far off island. Well for now Im greatful I have the internet to indulge in my fantasy of going somewhere tropical. Someday...Back to my fave color...Last week I was at a baby shower and a girl had her toe nails painted an opaque turqouise color. I totally LOVED IT!!!! I want it so bad. And this is one I will have to indulge in. Afterall who doesnt have $7 lying around right? So cute!
Im not a purse girl....mainly bc they are pricey...not bc I dont think they are cute. Anyways, if I was a purse girl I would totally accessorize a cute casual outfit with this. (white tee and jeans with maybe some turqouise stud earrings) I am obsessed with this Nixon watch. LOVE IT! And again Im not a watch girl but for some reason Im SO attracted to them. Especially this one! Isaac if your reading this just click the picture and it will take you directly to the checkout ;) On the other hand I LOVE sunglasses! These are slightly out of my price range. But if I could I would own these Louis Vuittons in a heart beat! So great right!
All of these accessories should never be used together! Turquoise is a tough color bc perople think they need to be all matchy matchy with it. PLEASE adhere my advice on this one NEVER and I mean NEVER wear a turquoise dress with turquoise shoes and a turquoise necklace (or anything similar to that equation) bc lets be honest Im not sure if you could be my friend if you did. haha! But 1 per outfit would be ideal!

And this could be fun! iPhone covers could easily be like underwear. I think I might start a new trend. Switch it up everyday. Pink one day, white the next, and then turqouise. Love it!

Im sorry I just had to add one more! Look at this place. Only $1300 a night. Yikes! But if that picture doesnt make you want to accessorize with turqouise I dont know what will. haha!So are you as obsessed as I am with Turqouise now???

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Somebody has a Sweet Tooth!

And that person would be me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE desserts. Pretty much any baked good is absolutely Divine in my book :) How many times have you been out on a date and wished there was a yummy bakery/dessert shop open that had options other than ice cream like Coldstone or Red Mango. Well search NO LONGER. I have found just the place. The Sweet Tooth Fairy. It is such a cute little boutiquish dessert bakery. They have cupcakes, cookies, CAKE BITES, and other random delicious treats. And the best part is they are open till 9pm during the week and 11 on weeknights. Awesome!!!These are my faves I highly reccommend!!! Oatmeal cookie with frosting, Coconut Cake bites, a Black and White cookie, and a lemon square. And they come in such a cute box. Presentation is everything right!

When you go there you will want 1 of everything. So here is how you do it. Cut everything into 4ths and share with your date night friends.

And last but definately not least! Here is another fave of mine for those late night cravings. Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls. And dont worry these babies dont need to rise like the other rhodes rolls...You just put them in the oven for 30 min frozen and voila! Look at that...I know...just head over to Costco. They are in the freezer isle right next to the Original Rhodes rolls.
Great now I need to go make some. haha! These food posts kill me. Love it!!!!