Saturday, June 9, 2012


Summer Time has FINALLY arrived!!! I dont know why but this year was CRAZY busy with 3 kids in school.  I thought as my kids got older I would have more down time while they are at school.  I thought things would quiet down and I would have ALL this free time...Boy was I WAY.OFF! I helped out more in the classroom, I did Take Home Reading for the Kindergarten class, I have a busy assignment/calling with the Youth (Young Women specifically) in my church, and then there is carpool!!!! WOW! Basketball, scouts, Soccer, breakdancing, dance class, karate, and we bought a puppy.  Alright enough of my excuses...Im back! And I hope to stay back! I miss blogging.  A LOT!

I just got back from one of my fave cities NEW YORK!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  I get to go there about 2 times a year with Rustico. This particular trip was for the NYC Book Expo.  I saw so many celebrity authors and picked up SO many FREE books.    Such a neat experience!  Ok now for the good stuff: CLOTHES :)  

Day 1: OOTD Show Setup/Casual- Mustard Tee-Loft,Striped Cardi-Aeropostale, Charcoal Skinnies-Anthro. Hip Breakfast Spot: Gansevoort Cafe-Meatpacking District LOVE IT!!! There is nothing cooler than the cobblestone streets.  So FAB!

 Day 2: OOTD NYC Book Expo- Navy striped cardi with lace trim-Anthro, Wine colored cotton blouse with floral detail-Anthro, Linen Sailor pants-Anthro, Leather double wrap band-Rustico, Earrings-handmade by MadMim.
 Day 3: OOTD NYC Book Expo-Plum tee-Nordstrom, Purple Cardi with ruffle detail-Anthro, COOLEST.SKIRT.EVER-Anthro LOVE IT! Unlike my husband who repeatedly told my how it looked like a carpet LOL! But I have to point out I brought in WAY. MORE. sales that day than him.  Sucka!!! :) Leather double wrap band-Rustico

 Day 4: OOTD NYC Book Expo-Striped skirt: Nordstrom, Green cardi with white fabric flower buttons-Banana Republic, White ruffle blouse-Garage Sale Find...$1...SCORE!!!  Leather double wrap band-Rustico

Photo Diary:  Trying to get my favorite Mexican on this earth to smile...probably the hardest job out there...but I think I pulled it off :) LOVE HIM! Way TOO much!!!
 Setting up the Rustico Leather booth at the Javitts Center in Manhattan. #nycbookexpo
If only I could go running on this trail every morning.  What awesome scenery to start my day.  There is something about being by the water that I LOVE!  Not that I hate running in the mountains...but I was definitely diggin the flat terrain in NYC...sigh.....Gorgeous!
 This was our rooftop pool: Hotel Gansevoort.  Incredible Hotel.  HIGHLY reccommend.  LOVED it! Located in the Meat Packing District.  My fave district in Manhattan BY.FAR.
 Some Rustico highlights from the trip: Top left/Jacob Javitts Convention Center, Top Right/Hudson River Park Trail, Bottom Left/Me and Jane Seymour (Dr Quinn Medicince Woman) She was promoting her new book due out in the Fall.  Such a beautiful woman!  So much class!  Bottom left/Rustico booth all packed up and ready to ship.
 And what kind of Fashion Blogger would I be if I didnt post a Fashion Funny!!! People Watching is probably on my top 10 list.  And this sweet old lady definitely made it to my photo archive.  How cute is she! She is probably at least 70 wearing velour pink sweats WITH Uggs, a velvet pink blazor, pink leather cowgirl hat with silk scarf around the brim, and a pink LEI...not to mention it is Summer time.  Lol! Definite highlight of the show for me :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mom and Me Journal

My 9 year old son and I started a "Mom and Me" Journal last Fall and it has been SO awesome!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!  Here's how it works:  He starts out by asking me a question and leaves it on my pillow.  I answer his question, then ask him a question.  Then put it on his pillow after he falls asleep or while he's at school.  The next time he gets it he answers my question then asks me another question...GENIUS right!  So great!!! I read about this on Pinterest and the blogger said, youth sometimes have a hard time opening up in person but it can be alot easier to open up through a journal or writing.  For instance, I will ask Tyler "How was school today?" And he just says "Good" and then runs off playing or never gives me more than 1 word answers.  
On Christmas Eve my husband was yelling to the kids to hurry and get to bed or Santa cant come and Tyler said "Dad...I still need to write in my Mom and Me Journal"  My husband said "Ty whats more important Santa bringing you presents or writing in a journal???" Then Tyler responds with EVERY MOTHERS DREAM ANSWER!!!! Wait for it....its that good.... "Dad whats more important? Presents OR getting to know my Mom better?"   Go ahead and sigh with me...ahhhhhh.  Is that not the sweetest???? 

His questions are ALWAYS so deep!  Some of my favorites:

How did you and Dad meet and decide to get married?
What is it like to get married Mom?
What happened when I was born?
What is it like to be a parent?
Whats a story about you as a kid?  Like breaking an arm...
I dont really know what to ask you so Free Choice!
What do you like about me?
What was it like when I was the only kid in the family?
What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?

MOST of his responses are hillarious!!! Some of my faves:

My question: What is your favorite Book of Mormon story?
His answer: "Samule the laminite. Why? He stould on a city wall. The reason why? City walls huge.  How did he get up there?"

My question (I repeated his question to me) If you could have anything in the world even made up things what would it be?
His answer: "Me and Asher made it up its called anything power (means do anything) So I could do everything but steal"
I LOVE that he thinks stealing is the worst thing out there...what about killing son! Lol!

I found this blog on pinterest.  It has a link for questions to ask your child before bed (pillow talk).  But in my case they are perfect for our Mom and Me Journal!! There is a lot Tyler doesnt know about me but its a lot harder for me to think of questions I dont already know about him.

I HIGHLY reccommend this! It has been so much fun to do this with my son and its something we BOTH look forward to every time its our turn!!!  And while we're at just so happens I know the perfect place to get the COOLEST journals.  Rustico Leather!!! Love them!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shoe Fedish

I have been on the hunt for the perfect flats for "those" casual days.  I think I have found them! First up: The NEW Toms ballet flats.  Arent these fab??? I think they are my favorites :) LOVE them!!!
 Found these little ladies on Pinterest.  They are pumps...but how can you resist that salmon color with THOSE tights.  Swooning as we speak.......inhale.....exhale.  LOVE!
 Urban Outfitters has hooked me again.  Love these pumps.  The mustard color will always be in style in my book! LOVE it!
 These pretty little things are so funky.  I normally tease My Sis for her Southwestern style she has been diggin on her design blogs. And then look at me totally drooling over these Southwestern flare flats. Lol! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

And I would never leave out my babies!!!  Oh sweet Paige Frye Boots how I LOVE thee...please go on sale.  I have been waiting OH so patiently for 2 years now.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY Skinny Jeans

Here's how the Jean Transformation will go down:

1.Turn the pair of jeans (you want to make into skinnies) inside out.
2.Lay your favorite pair of skinnies over the top of them and pin along the edge of the skinnies (outlining the pattern)
3.Stitch along the line where your pins were.

 4.Zigzag stitch on the outside of your stitch so when you wash them it wont frey like crazy and unravel.
 5. Cut off extra fabric.  Make sure you cut the outer part so your not cutting into the skinny jean section.
 When you choose the side to pin/sew DONT choose this hem line.  It would be hard to copy.
 Instead choose this one. Your new seam will fit in perfectly with this one.
 And voila.  They arent perfect.  But no one can tell the difference.  And I LOVE them!

Were the instructions helpful or confusing??? I hope it sounds easy...because it seriously is SUPER easy!!! I am in no means a seamstress AT ALL.  Try it on an old pair of jeans first.  You will be so proud of yourself.  Let me know how they turn out!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jean Transformation!

Forever 21 jeans $19.99 Boot Cut

But I wanted skinnies.  I searched everywhere and couldnt find them for less than $40.  I refuse to spend that much money on a trendy pant.  So instead I made these :) from the Forever 21 $19.99 ones.

Transformation Process: SUPER EASY!  All I did was lay my favorite skinny jeans over the top of my Forever 21 red jeans (inside out) and pinned my red jeans along the line of my fave jeans.  Then sewed along that pin line.  Then zig zag stitch right outside of that straight stitch.  Then cut off the extra fabric.  Then I turned them right side out and...VOILA!
I have been on a high ALL day from my excitement.  I feel super crafty.  I saved money by not having to buy another pair of skinny jeans.  And it is a total rush to create something so cute that I have been wanting for quite sometime.   LOVE IT!

On a side note: My new favorite nail color is Essie-Mink Muffs
Here is another way I have glammed it up.  On my Sis.  Just add your fave glitter polish to the tips.  I love how chunky this glitter OPI polish was.  It looks so festive.  LOVE IT!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Clutch Lovelies

I have been on the lookout for clutches since early Fall.  These are what I have narrowed it down to.  First on my list Patricia Nash:Potenaz frame clutch.   And this thing in person is Gorgeous.  The leather is fantastic!
 Second, is this scalloped beauty.  No clue where it is from but is stinkin adoreable! Found it on Pinterest.
 3rd up,  the Hot Streak clutch by Anthropologie.  So cute.  Simple. Love it!
 And for the GRAND FINALE!!!! Here it is.  THE. ONE. THE. ONLY. Hobo International Lauren clutch (Celeste-color) OMG!!! In LOVE!!!! Here is where I found it cheapest+free shipping.  Definitely at the top of my Christmas list right next to these bad boys!  A girl can dream :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Roaring 20's

My sister and brother in law just had their 10 Year Anniversary/Vow Renewal with a "Roarin 20's" theme.  SUCH a fun night! And I must say dressing up was SO MUCH FUN! Yet again :)
 Cutest flower girl...I know Im biased...but lets be honest! DAR.....LING! All the way down to her pearls and fish nets.  So stinkin cute!
 Me and one of the grooms men. (AKA mi esposo) He did come home with me at the end of the night :) Lucky me!
 I couldnt resist this pose.  How can you dress up like Throughly Modern Milly and not kick up your heel.  I wish I could dress like this every day! LOVE IT!