Monday, October 4, 2010

Ruffles and Zippers

My latest obsessions have been ruffles and zippers. Here is an example of ruffles on a cardigan from JCrew. LOVE it! Another LOVE it! So cute with a heathered grey cropped cardigan to make it more casual. LOVE the length too.
Ruffle pillows are SO in right now and there is no question why. Love it!!!
Now on to Zippers. SOOOO Cute! One of my top 5 favorite shows on TV is Project Runway. I love seeing the things these designers create. But my favorite detail is always the mismatch zipper that stands out. This is a perfect example! I am on the hunt for a cute pencil skirt with a zipper that is a contrasting color of the fabric. So if you ever see one please give me a shout out!!!! Who would have thought to use the zipper as the main detail. Such a great idea. LOVE it!

My latest shoe purchase!!! So excited to wear them. And it ties in the zipper and ruffles. LOVE it!

And last but definately not least. I found these boots at Target. They are only $34 bucks. Such a great price for nice boots. And I have to say when I turned the boot around and saw the red zipper I fell IN LOVE!!!! To die for!

What are your latest fashion obsessions???