Friday, December 10, 2010

Bakers....remember them?

I was looking at one of my Fashion Blogs and spotted these.......I totally LOVE them! This girl is an Anthroholic and all she ever posts are Anthropologie clothes/shoes so I thought for sure these ones would be WAY out of my price range until I looked at where she bought them....Bakers???? Seriously! I used to shop there in High School and thought they went out of business OR maybe it was just an AZ store. Apparently not. They are online!!!!
And then I saw them in this color :) I have been on the hunt for black closed toed wedges for QUITE some time now. Im so excited!!! And I cant complain considering they have a zipper too! LOVE IT! $59.95-Bakers
I love finding new Online stores I can fall in love with! And my favorite part is Bakers is FREE SHIPPING on everything! Love it!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tweed Pencil Skirts...Yes Please!

Are these skirts not TO DIE FOR! I LOVE them!!! Too bad they are all sold in the UK so they are bought with pounds and francs :( Sad huh! This one is my fave! LOVE IT!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


SO out of my price range but nonetheless "Blog Worthy" LOVE THEM!!!!!
Anthropolgie Glad Rags T-Straps $128
Anthropologie Milanga Heels $365
Nordstrom Steve Madden Linderr Boot $149 (on sale now) MY FAVE!!! I hope Santa reads my blog!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wedding Colors: Navy, Silver, and Grey

My friend in Heber asked me to put together some options for her to wear to a wedding in a few weeks. The colors are Navy Blue, Silver, and Grey. She already found the grey skirt from Down East Basics which is adoreable! LOVE IT!!! Here are 2 outfits I came up with.

For Styling: I would only button the middle 3 buttons of the cardigan so you can show off the ruffles on the tank OR even leave it unbuttoned for a more casual look. Can you guess which one I would choose????

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My new favorite website!

I just heard about this website and Im so stoked about it! I have shopped in the Tilly's store a couple years ago while we were in California vsiting. And I remember LOVING the clothes and the PRICES! But then I forgot about it thinking it was just a cool California store I would have to hit up next time we were in town. But my sister pointed out that they have an online store. LOVE IT!!!! Here are my favorite items as I was browsing last night. And several of them have made it to my Christmas list. Hint Hint Isaac: once again I am making life easy for you to shop for me. Just click the picture and it will take you to the checkout :)

Funniest part is after I saved all my pictures to my post I realize that everything I LOVED are ALL neutrals. Grays, and Blacks....At least with neutrals you can spice things up with color in your accessories right!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tights and Playing With Color!

This one is for Adrianne :) You are going to look hot tomorrow in your floral tights!!!

I am obsessed right now with colored tights! I love how this Kate Spade model wore a big polka dot blouse with yellow tights. LOVE it!!! (the next 4 images VIA she is with such a cute mini polka dot dress with green tights. LOVE it!!! I have been on the hunt for some mustard colored tights like these but have yet to find a cheap pair :( But dont worry it will happen and I will keep you posted!And this outfit just makes me happy. I love that she is mixing black and white fabrics then throws in a red belt and red stillettos to add some color! LOVE THIS!!!!Now its my turn :) Im going to break it down for you on how cheap these outfits are by using what you have in your closet and just buying little accessories to make your outfit look more fashion forward when styled right.

The dress I bought at Target for $6 bucks on clearance. It was an XL and I took in the sides. No I am not a seamstress....I just did a straight stitch up both sides. Super easy! The cardigan is an old one from Old Navy, the belt is from Forever 21 $5, plum tights are from Payless $5, and the shoes are old cheapies from Forever Young Shoe Store.This blouse was $3 at a neighborhood garage sale, same belt and cardigan as shown above, the skirt is more pricey its from Banana but a good skirt is a staple. It will always be in style and I dont mind going big on a purchase when it is something that will last forever. The gray floral tights $5 from Target and again same shoes as shown above.The models at the beginning of my post inspired me to mix yellow and green so I had to try it. I LOVE this new cardigan. I got it from Target $18, same ruffle blouse from garage sale, tweed skirt from Forever Young $20, and green tights from Target $5. Ok now that I see it on honestly the green is a little much...according to my husband I looked like the midgets on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He HATED it! LOL :)So instead I toned it down with my boots and FELL in LOVE again with my original idea! Love it!!!Dont be afraid to try out some funky tights. If its your first time wearing them go simple with your outfit (solid colors and patterns) and then as you get more comfortable with mixing colors and patterns "Mondo Style" play around with it and just have fun!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Picture Fashion

I am SOOOOO excited about this design board!!!! My friend came over today and was talking about her family pictures and how stressed she was about what to wear and I of course got super excited :) We went to my computer and she showed me the things she had already bought and we went from there. It was SO much fun! Her original items were her daughters grey ruffle dress, her sons black and grey argyle sweater, and her baby boys tan sweater with the leather patches. LOVE it! She also had her Union jacket from DownEast Basics. All really cute stuff but the problem was they were all tans, blacks, and greys. She needed color BAD! So here is what I came up with. I LOVE it!!!! The best part is we found everything at Target, Old Navy, Gap, and DownEast. Totally perfect stores for a family friendly budget. LOVE it even more!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mondo Style

This crazy little nut is my favorite designer on Project Runway. Let me introduce you to Mondo Guerra. He has such a funky style that was so different than any of the other designers. But the thing I liked most about Mondo's style was not the way he dressed :) but the way he could mix totally different patterned fabrics with LOUD pops of color. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tweed skirt with the striped shirt. LOVE the high waist, LOVE the skinny belt, LOVE the length of her sleeves. So great!IThese were my faves from Mondo's collection in Fashion Week

What did I gain from this season of Project Runway? I REALLY want to learn how to sew clothes now. I know how to sew baby blankets, and burp rags, and pillows....BUT clothes. How cool would that be!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ruffles and Zippers

My latest obsessions have been ruffles and zippers. Here is an example of ruffles on a cardigan from JCrew. LOVE it! Another LOVE it! So cute with a heathered grey cropped cardigan to make it more casual. LOVE the length too.
Ruffle pillows are SO in right now and there is no question why. Love it!!!
Now on to Zippers. SOOOO Cute! One of my top 5 favorite shows on TV is Project Runway. I love seeing the things these designers create. But my favorite detail is always the mismatch zipper that stands out. This is a perfect example! I am on the hunt for a cute pencil skirt with a zipper that is a contrasting color of the fabric. So if you ever see one please give me a shout out!!!! Who would have thought to use the zipper as the main detail. Such a great idea. LOVE it!

My latest shoe purchase!!! So excited to wear them. And it ties in the zipper and ruffles. LOVE it!

And last but definately not least. I found these boots at Target. They are only $34 bucks. Such a great price for nice boots. And I have to say when I turned the boot around and saw the red zipper I fell IN LOVE!!!! To die for!

What are your latest fashion obsessions???

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Step Up 3D

I just saw Step Up 3 last night. And I have to admit I have been so excited to blog about this one! I LOVED IT!!!! Yep I loved Step Up 3 and I will say it again....I...LOVED IT! It all began when Step Up came out oh so many years ago. I love how the beautiful, proper, spoiled little Julliard student falls for a poor boy, from the hood, who was on probation, and working as a janitor at her school. haha! Sounds pretty ghetto but seriously its such a cute love story trust me.
After all who wouldnt want to dance with the janitor at your school when he looks like this :)
Ok, so anyways back to Step Up 3D. I wont talk much about the story line bc pretty much the whole thing was predictable and somewhat cheesy....but it was a good cheese like Pepper Jack or something...these are 2 of the main characters and the main love story. They were adoreable and had awesome chemistry. Loved it!

This is the rehearsal room where we learn the term "B-FAB" which stands for "Born From A Boombox" Which pretty much means your an amazing dancer and all you can think about is dance and how its your whole world.

This girl inspired me! She had THE most rockin body and abs ever!!! Not only do I want to tone my skinny scrawny body but now I want to take a hip hop class as well. Any takers??? BC Im dead serious I want to pop it and lock it with the rest of them :)

This is the dance scene where you couldnt stop but think this kid was a mini Michael. And do I want a red vinyl zipup hoody now with matching high tops???? YES! haha.

Her outfits were super cute throughout the entire movie. Very casual yet trendy. Loved her style! But honestly...Can they be any cuter??? I love his boombox shirt too!
I promise you after you watch this movie you will want to take a hip hop class with me so we can all be as cool as they are. I have always loved to dance. ALWAYS!!!! Music makes me so happy I cant help but move around and drop it like its hot. I love the term B-FAB too. Is that not the coolest compliment someone can give you!!! You are SO B-FAB! Music is a huge part of my life for sure! Do I think I was born from a boombox? Heck YES I do!!!!
The following clip is THE coolest robot dance I have seen!!!! So freakin cool! LOVE it!!!!

Im still Trippin!

This is my favorite dance scene from Step Up 3D. I was so stoked to find it on YouTube. LOVE it!!!! This guy is incredible!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My top 5 songs on the radio right now...

#1 Bruno Mars "Just the Way You Are" Ya who is this guy??? He came out from the middle of no where. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Great message, great beat, great voice, GREAT song! He also sang with BoB "Nothing on You" and Travie McCoy "I Wanna be a Billionaire" Keep an eye on him :)

#2 Rihanna and Eminem "Love the Way You Lie" Not sure why I like this song so much but Rihanna has such a GREAT voice! LOVE her!!!

#3 OneRepublic "Secrets" The music is AMAZING! Love it!!!!

#4 Mike Posner "Cooler than Me" I LOVE the beat and I LOVE the attitude of the lyrics.
#5 Oooooo this is a hard one....I am gonna have to go with...Sara Bareilles "King of Anything". She has such a cute voice and the beat and swagger of this song just make me happy. So she will have to be my #5 spot.
Alright fill me in!!! What is your favorite song on the radio right now? And what is the song that you cant stand? (You know the one Im talking about? The one that you cant turn the station fast enough on!) Spill it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Knight and Day

Dont you love it when you have a deep thought during a movie? Where it just gets you thinking and it sticks with you...even when you are driving home from the theater you cant stop thinking about that one thing that impressed you during that movie. Dont be confused in thinking I like deep thought movies bc that is definately NOT the case. In fact I like the opposite. Easy to follow movies, MUST HAVE comedy, romance is always nice, and I HATE anything sad. In "Knight and Day" with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz (LOVE her!) they were having a discussion on an airplane and Cameron's character says something about how she wanted to drive down the coast all the way to the tip of South America and then she ended by saying "someday..." Tom quickly says, "Someday is a dangerous word." She looked confused and asked what he meant. He says, "When people say someday, they really mean never."

How sad is that!!! It totally got me thinking. I have so many places I want to go in life: Hawaii, Italy, Paris, African Safari, myan pyramids, Jurusalem, one of those remote islands with a bungalo over the water with a see through floor...things I want to do: Scuba Dive all around the world not just the Crator in Midway (since I am Scuba certified I really need to branch out :) Go back to school and get my masters so I can teach Sign Language at a University, sky dive, ride in a hellicopter and/or hot air balloon, see Usher LIVE in concert, see Wicked on Broadway...things I want to buy: a black baby grand player piano, a 4 door Jeep (steel grey, with a hard top that folds back, a DVD player for the kids, a sweet lift with pimped out tires) a big chunky bed frame for our King mattress that has been on our bedroom floor for 3 years, a hot tub, a cabin in Park City or somewhere with an ocean front view (either is fine :) be able to shop at Anthropologie, pay off all of my parents debt so my Dad can quit his job...
These are a lot of somedays! Does this mean none of these things will happen? Will only a handful be possible? Which ones are the most important to me? I want to make sure that my somedays ARENT nevers. What are some of your somedays that you want to make sure happen?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


My Twilight background: I have never read any of the Twilight Saga books. I know...ludacris right? I hate to read! There are so many other things I enjoy more so I just get my fill from the movies I watch. Someday maybe I will change my thinking and pick up a book, but as for now Hollywood is keeping me well informed. Thank You!

First things first...Hellooooooooo Jacob!I absolutely LOVED this movie! Its so much fun going into a movie and having no clue what is going to happen. I loved that they gave some back story as to how the Cullen family became vampires. I loved the love triangle between Jacob, Bella, and Edward, I loved when Jacob had his shirt off (not bc I liked staring :) but bc I LOVED how the entire audience would scream and clap. It was hillarious!) I also loved the giggling that went on during any of the almost love scenes. Utah Movie theaters is where its at!

One of my fave characters is CHARLIE. This Dad is such a stud! He obviously adores his daughter but he is so awkward and funny about how he shows it. His one liners kill me! LOVE THEM!!!! 2 parts I thought were cool with Charlie: A boy went missing and his parents were still searching for him and it had been over a year. Bella asked, "shouldnt they just give up?" Charlie responded, "Probably...but I couldnt. If you were missing I would never give up". SOOOO CUTE!!!! The question going through my head...I wondered if I was reading the book would I have cried? Can books make you cry like movies do?
My other favorite Charlie line, after Jacob kisses Bella and Edward confronts him, all H is about to break loose. And what does Charlie do? "Wo wo wo...lets take this down a notch." haha!!! If only he realized what was really about to go down...Im still smiling thinking about it.

Now for the big decision...Jacob or Edward? From my perspective (from the movies) its obvious Jacob doesnt have a chance. Yes she loves him but the connection and love she has for Edward is WAY different. But look at Jacob...I feel so sorry for him :)
And Edward...FINALLY they can kiss now without it looking like they were going to pass out. Am I the only one who HATED that? In the first 2 movies everytime they kissed it was so awkward...I get that he had to control himself bc her blood smelled so good BUT HONESTLY...haha!

My favorite DEEP THOUGHT of the movie: Bella went to visit her Mom right before graduation bc it will be the last time she supposedly will see her. Her Mom was saying how much nicer Florida Universities would be compared to the cold bitterness in Alaska if she goes to school there. This totally got me thinking...she wouldnt be able to feel the warmth of the sun, get a sun tan, come visit her Mom, see Charlie...if Bella becomes a vampire she wont get any of that. She will just have to repeat HS over and over again. That would get old real fast.
But.......if she chooses Jacob they could grow old together, she wouldnt lose any of her friends and family, she would be warm all the time, and she could have brown babies. It just seems to be a better option :)

My absolute Favorite Scene of the movie was during the snow storm. When Bella was freezing, Edward couldnt warm her up, and Jacob had to cuddle with her the whole night. TOO FUNNY!!! I loved the conversation between Jacob and Edward it was hillarious!
Eclipse was such a great movie. LOVED IT! Since I dont read the books the first time I see it Im pretty lost, but after getting things explained to me, the second time I watch it is always my favorite. So I cant wait to go again!!! Whos with me?