Thursday, August 26, 2010

Step Up 3D

I just saw Step Up 3 last night. And I have to admit I have been so excited to blog about this one! I LOVED IT!!!! Yep I loved Step Up 3 and I will say it again....I...LOVED IT! It all began when Step Up came out oh so many years ago. I love how the beautiful, proper, spoiled little Julliard student falls for a poor boy, from the hood, who was on probation, and working as a janitor at her school. haha! Sounds pretty ghetto but seriously its such a cute love story trust me.
After all who wouldnt want to dance with the janitor at your school when he looks like this :)
Ok, so anyways back to Step Up 3D. I wont talk much about the story line bc pretty much the whole thing was predictable and somewhat cheesy....but it was a good cheese like Pepper Jack or something...these are 2 of the main characters and the main love story. They were adoreable and had awesome chemistry. Loved it!

This is the rehearsal room where we learn the term "B-FAB" which stands for "Born From A Boombox" Which pretty much means your an amazing dancer and all you can think about is dance and how its your whole world.

This girl inspired me! She had THE most rockin body and abs ever!!! Not only do I want to tone my skinny scrawny body but now I want to take a hip hop class as well. Any takers??? BC Im dead serious I want to pop it and lock it with the rest of them :)

This is the dance scene where you couldnt stop but think this kid was a mini Michael. And do I want a red vinyl zipup hoody now with matching high tops???? YES! haha.

Her outfits were super cute throughout the entire movie. Very casual yet trendy. Loved her style! But honestly...Can they be any cuter??? I love his boombox shirt too!
I promise you after you watch this movie you will want to take a hip hop class with me so we can all be as cool as they are. I have always loved to dance. ALWAYS!!!! Music makes me so happy I cant help but move around and drop it like its hot. I love the term B-FAB too. Is that not the coolest compliment someone can give you!!! You are SO B-FAB! Music is a huge part of my life for sure! Do I think I was born from a boombox? Heck YES I do!!!!
The following clip is THE coolest robot dance I have seen!!!! So freakin cool! LOVE it!!!!

Im still Trippin!

This is my favorite dance scene from Step Up 3D. I was so stoked to find it on YouTube. LOVE it!!!! This guy is incredible!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My top 5 songs on the radio right now...

#1 Bruno Mars "Just the Way You Are" Ya who is this guy??? He came out from the middle of no where. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Great message, great beat, great voice, GREAT song! He also sang with BoB "Nothing on You" and Travie McCoy "I Wanna be a Billionaire" Keep an eye on him :)

#2 Rihanna and Eminem "Love the Way You Lie" Not sure why I like this song so much but Rihanna has such a GREAT voice! LOVE her!!!

#3 OneRepublic "Secrets" The music is AMAZING! Love it!!!!

#4 Mike Posner "Cooler than Me" I LOVE the beat and I LOVE the attitude of the lyrics.
#5 Oooooo this is a hard one....I am gonna have to go with...Sara Bareilles "King of Anything". She has such a cute voice and the beat and swagger of this song just make me happy. So she will have to be my #5 spot.
Alright fill me in!!! What is your favorite song on the radio right now? And what is the song that you cant stand? (You know the one Im talking about? The one that you cant turn the station fast enough on!) Spill it!