Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Best

"Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out.....strut down the street and have your picture took...."

Whether this song makes you think of Hello Dolly (like me)

OR if you think of Wall-E (like my kids) Either way that is exactly what we did. We put on our Sunday Best and had our picture took! (Note: the photographer was my 7 year old son :)
Shirt: ModBod Ivory Anna Ruffle (p.s. i got hooked up on this one though :) My neighbor used be the designer for ModBod and she sold all of her samples for a BUCK! Yep!!! $1. SCORE!!!
Skirt: Banana Republic (here is similar)
Favorite shoes in my closet right now!!! LOVE them! Mia Black Suede Wedge
Pearl Stud earrings: Banana Republic (here is similar) Again another deal. Got these beauties at the Banana Republic outlet after Thanksgiving for $4. Im a bargain shopper and I LOVE a good deal!

My cousin Eric's Mom gave me this antique pearl bracelet for Christmas. I absolutely LOVE it! Its so elegant!

Now for my little bambinos.... Little Miss Alli Jane is up first!

Pink ruffle cardigan: Old Navy (here is similar)
Jean Cap Sleep Dress: Old Navy (here is similar)
Grey tights: Old Navy: (here is similar)
Brown Suede boots: Gap (here is similar)
Asher apparently thought this was a Star Wars Photo Shoot. He is so funny!
Blue and White striped button up: Gap (here is similar)
Khaki Cargo Pants: Old Navy (here is similar)
Black Leather Boots: Old Navy (here is similar)
For his closeup he wanted to sing for you.And here is my oldest in his new suit! He turns 8 this weekend and is getting baptized so I wanted him to look legit :) Doesnt he look so grownup!
Black suit: Target
White collared shirt: Gap
Tie: Gap
Dark Brown Leather boots: Gap (here is similar)
I love dressing up! :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

I am IN Love!

I have been SEARCHING....seriously I have been SEARCHING for weeks for the perfect brown pair of boots. I have looked everywhere. No really! Everywhere. And I keep coming back to these. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them. But.....they are PRICEY....not just a little "should I" pricey but "sell all your other shoes on Ebay" pricey. OUCH! I so LOVE them. What do I do??? The cheapest I have seen them is $348. YOWZA! Right? But realistically how can you not? I LOVE the way the leather looks worn in already. I LOVE the extra piece of leather over the front. I LOVE how it V's at the calf. I LOVE the heel height. I think they are SO beautiful!!!! Perfect really!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Is it Just ME???

I love to watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I dont know why its so intriguing to watch ALL THE DRAMA! But it is SO captivating to me to see how crazy these girls act. And the whole idea of it all. He is thrown into all these relationships and someone....actually several someones get hurt. BAD! Its really sad to watch. So why do I continue to watch it??? Who knows! But I LOVE IT! So here is what I have been freaking about this whole time. This girl Emily. She is THE sweetest girl on the show in my opinion. As a matter of fact one of the girls on the show commented last week "I want to hate her...BUT how can you hate a perfect little barbie doll with the heart of Mother Theresa" haha! So true!
She is absolutley beautiful with a rockin body but the thing Im tripping over is she looks IDENTICAL to... THIS GIRL! Is it just me OR does Emily look EXACTLY like Hugh Heffners favorite girl?

Well....What do you think???

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Pink...not the color...even though this looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING :) especially this late at night. Mmmmm! But this one! Pink has never been one of my favorite artists but at the same time I have always liked her. Yet, I have never bought any of her songs bc they are played PLENTY on the radio. But, tonight my neighbor told me to watch a YouTube video of one of her latest songs. And I LOVE IT! The song is about her breakup with her Ex. (pictured below) Anyway they were together for 6 years and finally called it quits. Then she wrote this song and they got back together. Her story is: she was selfish for the 6 years they were together and she was always trying to change him. So writing this song was really humbling for her and made her want him back. Super sweet song! (all my facts are from watching OPRAH btw. haha!)I just had to post this picture bc I think it is SO adoreable!!! LOVE IT! Arent kissing pictures the cutest! Love her sunglasses, LOVE her haircut, Love his jawbone. So sweet :)

Back to the song. Its called "I Dont Believe You". Its a chill song....totally different than her other music. And my favorite part is the chorus. Just listen to it! I hope you LOVE it as much as I do. ENJOY!!!

Pink - I Don't Believe You Live on Oprah

(If you want to skip over the Oprah interview skip to 2:48 and thats when she will perform the song.)

Friday, January 14, 2011


I found another website that I LOVE called Katwalk. If you go to their dresses tab they have the cutest shirts. LOL I would NEVER wear these dresses as dresses :) but as shirts they are FAB! Take a look.These shirts would be SO cute paired with your favorite pair of jeans!!! LOVE IT!This skirt is so casual and fun. Paired with this belt and metalic sandals it is SO perfect isnt it? My sister is going to Aruba this week and this outfit makes me want to go too!!!My new goal each week is to create an outfit design board with my favorite finds of the week. This is what I fell for this week!They had some great jewelry too. LOVE IT! I am SO into turquoise.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I found it! I mean them :)

My latest craze has been wide hip belts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these 3. This one is from Free People. LOVE IT! This one is Anthropologie. Ahhhhhh....sigh....perfect right!
I only found the image of this one while I was googling :) Not sure where its from or how much. But I SO want it! LOL. So cute and flirty. LOVE it!
My dillema: Anytime I want something made out of leather my husband gives me a hard time if I buy it BC he owns a business where he makes leather products. However anyone who knows the saying "If your married to a plummer you have leaky faucets" well if your married to a man who works with leather...I am the last thing on his list of custom pieces. So whats a girl supposed to do? Buy it and risk him wanting to take it apart so he can make one too OR just wait it out till he will make me a PIMP custom belt that will be his newest, hottest item and everyone will want one?