Friday, December 10, 2010

Bakers....remember them?

I was looking at one of my Fashion Blogs and spotted these.......I totally LOVE them! This girl is an Anthroholic and all she ever posts are Anthropologie clothes/shoes so I thought for sure these ones would be WAY out of my price range until I looked at where she bought them....Bakers???? Seriously! I used to shop there in High School and thought they went out of business OR maybe it was just an AZ store. Apparently not. They are online!!!!
And then I saw them in this color :) I have been on the hunt for black closed toed wedges for QUITE some time now. Im so excited!!! And I cant complain considering they have a zipper too! LOVE IT! $59.95-Bakers
I love finding new Online stores I can fall in love with! And my favorite part is Bakers is FREE SHIPPING on everything! Love it!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tweed Pencil Skirts...Yes Please!

Are these skirts not TO DIE FOR! I LOVE them!!! Too bad they are all sold in the UK so they are bought with pounds and francs :( Sad huh! This one is my fave! LOVE IT!!!!