Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I got the Anthropologie catalog in the mail today and as if that wasnt exciting enough...I saw THIS dress! Is it not the.most.amazing thing you have ever seen???? I LOVE it!

LOVE the colors: Turquoise and orange-PERFECTION! The back is so elegant and gorgeous!  And the front!!! Love the neckline, love the capsleeves, LOVE LOVE LOVE the pockets!!!
 And then the picture from the catalog that I cant seem to get off my mind...
Are you swooning over this as much as I am???

This Photoshoot stuff is AWKWARD!

DISCLAIMER:  Alright Im trying to be a good little Fashion Blogger and take pictures of myself in my favorite clothes and OOTD's.  But sadly, my pictures are SO unprofessional due to the fact that I have ABSOLUTELY. NO experience with posing AT. ALL!  So you have been forwarned...Please look past my awkward-ness and rather the cute attire I am trying to blog about :)

 It was windy and cold outside and what the H do you do with your hands!
 I was trying too hard to get a good shot with me being natural so I decided to get a little sassy.
 Then ended up doing this...This photoshoot stuff IS TOUGH!!!
I have to give major props to all my Fashion Blogs who make the whole OOTD photos look so easy and effortless.  Maybe I will get better with practice.  Hopefully for your sake I will! Wish me luck. haha! 

Outfit Details:
Striped top-Express
Cardigan-H & M
Belt- H & M
Orange pleated skirt- H & M
Brown pumps-my usual...from Journeyz

Thursday, May 26, 2011

SUPER Easy Baby Shower Gift Idea

If you are anything like me and forget about a baby shower till 2 hours before it starts...instead of rushing to the store with my 3 kids I always keep Gerber brand burp cloths in stock at mi casa.  They are $9.99 for a 12 pack and I usually give 3 burpcloths as a gift.  I use my scrap fabric and sew a rectangle along the middle.  Super EASY and its always a hit at the baby shower.  And I promise you my sewing ability is VERY limited. In fact I can pretty much only sew a square...but in this case a rectangle :)

Finish it off with some cute joot rope or scrap ribbon you have lying around.  Total project cost $3 (which was previously purchased. So really it was completely FREE) LOVE IT!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Im back!

I have to apologize for my lack of posts.  And I really do have GOOD reason I promise! But for now we will just lable it as "lack of a photographer" (my 8 yr old son was at school, when my daughter was taking her nap, which is when I blog...haha!)  But be excited bc Im super EXCITED! I have outfits from my birthday and outfits from my Vegas Girls trip.  So stay tuned...here are a couple sneak peaks!

These are my birthday jeans that I have been oogling ever since I saw them here.  And I finally have them and I am IN LOVE with them!!!

Top: Express
Belt: H&M
Jeans: Gap
Metallic flats: American Eagle

This dress is a clearance find from Target.  Slight resemblance of a flight stuartist now that I see it on here but, I still LIKE IT and got LOTS of compliments today at church :)
Dress: Target (on clearance-size XL that I took in the sides...not too bad eh!)
Cardigan: Target
Belt: H&M
Leather pumps: Journeyz