Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mad Mim

I recently met THE. MOST. AMAZING person at a baby shower.  Her name is Miriam and she is the coolest! LOVE her!!!!!  During the shower I noticed her adoreable maternity shirt and great style.  Then as our mutual friend started opening her baby gifts she pulls out these onesies with the cutest lace embellishments EVER.  Not to mention the color lace and onesie matched perfectly. I HAD to meet this girl.  How did she do it?  So I walk over to my new acquantance who I quickly FELL FOR.  She was super sweet and so modest about how amazing of a seamstress she was.  Come to find out she MADE HER SHIRT!!!!  And the onesies she sewed a cute white lace on a white onsie then soaked them in dye so they would be the same color.  GENIUS???? I think so! I instantly had the urge to want to take our acquaintance status to the next level :) So I invited her up to my house for lunch.  She on the other hand wanted to do more than lunch...she wanted to work on a project.  So we whip out some fabric I recently scored and got to work!  It was some sweet jersey knit fabric with an Anthro type print on it for $2 bucks!  I was SO excited Miriam wanted to help me create the skirt that I had only imagined ever since I bought the fabric.

Are you ready to see some pictures??????

Look at the way it drapes. LOVE it!!!

This was such a fun day!!! Not only was it fun to make a new friend but it was an inspiring day!  We litterally got one of my skirts laid it down on the fabric and basically traced it with some chalk so we knew where to cut.  It made me feel like I can be Mondo.  I have always wanted to just sit down and sew something I have imagined or seen before.  And now I feel like I can!  Maybe not quite like my girl Mad Mim but I definately had a sweet lesson and just wait you WILL be seeing another creation from me coming soon...I promise!

Outfit details:
Cardigan-Target (last Fall)
White ruffle neck tank-Old Navy (recent)
Shoes-Journeys (back in the day. LOVE them!)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guest blog post

I was asked to do a guest blog post this week!!!! How cool is that! I feel SO legit...who cares that it happens to be my BF who asked me :) I created a fashion design board for a Spring Family Photo Shoot. I LOVE it! Go on over to Casey J. Photography and check it out. Hope you LOVE it too.

So bummed!

Have you ever been SO excited to find the perfect boot??? Well I did! I loved these boots the moment they came in the mail. They werent too big around my skinny legs, they were the perfect color brown, and they were super comfortable! Perfection right???

Well after about 2 weeks of wearing them I noticed the "leather" started cracking. WHAT! Leather shouldnt crack and show a white fabric behind them. I ended up having to return them. For the price I paid for them they needed to be genuine leather :(
Here is one snapshot I found of my boots I LOVED!!!! That turned into to boots I miss terribly bad which I HATE!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I HEART Anthro

I was up in Salt Lake today bc my kids were out of school so I took them up to the Childrens museum. FUN place!!!! But I had to sneak into ONE store. And ONE store only. Anthropologie. Sigh........doesnt it just make you happy hearing that word! Here are my favorite finds that I wish could have come home with me that I saw today.

Dont these look so comfy. YES Please!!!!

Again...who doesnt want a nice yoga pant. I LOVE the length too! Being 5'9 its hard to find a nice long comfy pajama pant that touches the floor. I am SO into stripes right now. And I LOVE how casual comfy this top is. Also the price tag isnt too shabby compared to my other finds of the day :)
These pants were AWESOME!!!! I have been on the look out for some hip hugger/wide leg pants ever since I saw Kendi Everyday wear these. These were a linen knit that seemed so casual and cute.Here I go with the stripes again. This print reminds me a lot of this. I obviously cant get both. But how do you choose????
You HAVE to check out the lighting section at Anthropologie. Its probably my favorite feature of their website :) This lamp was AMAZING in person. LOVED it!
Anytime I walk into this store I am obsessed with THIS scent. It is so yummy!!!
LOVE this store WAY too much! But a girl can dream....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cutest One Pieces OUT THERE!

Spring is coming! We have to believe it OR it will never happen. So if you guys believe it too things will start warming up. I promise :) And if that happens that means we can play in the sun again. Oh.......I cant wait!!!!

Now on to the Swimsuits...If your anything like me after having 3 kids my body isnt necessarily ready to rock a bikini anymore. So instead I have found some modest swimsuits that are still cute and SEXY!

Delias $35

Volcom $82 My Fave: LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!!! Urban Outfitters $89: I think this one is SO classy. LOVE it!

Tilly's $80 LOVE this one too!!!! A lot! It has a vintage feel which I am so into right now. And I LOVE how it gathers in between the chest with black fabric. JCrew $125: Seriously can you go wrong with ruffles these days???? Nope!
JCrew $88: Gorgeous! But I cant pull off the bandeaux top sadly...JCrew $80: Not sure about the cups but love the print and straps. If anyone has tried this one let me know what you think about the underwire.
Gap $43 for the top. This one reminds me of a Michael Kors one I have that is now see through and stretched out :( It was my favorite swimsuit I wore for 3 years straight. (Note to self: Dont wear your favorite swimsuit when you are newly pg. It may fit but you will be sad in the end when you cant wear it anymore bc you strretched it out....not that Im speaking from experiece or anything. LOL) But this one is so classic and sexy! LOVE it!
Which one is your fave???

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kitchen Nook update...SMILE...BIG smile!

I have been obsessing over interior design blogs and furniture and decor websites the past couple weeks and I have finally made some decisions that I am IN LOVE with for our kitchen nook. YAY! Here is my latest design board. Now for the break down:
Medal chairs from Sundance Catalog. These ones look so much classier and WAY more comfortable than the Crate and Barrell ones. Dont you agree???
Burlap curtains. I can totally make these. And they would be SUPER cheap. Plus they tie in the color of the table with all of the greys.

I found 2 silver frames from Ikea in the clearance section for $4 a piece and I thought it would be cool to find a cool vintage map to cut in half and put on each side of our window in the kitchen nook. I have always LOVED this one from Restoration Hardware. Isnt it gorgeous! This just gets my idea across. Dont go thinking Im gonna drop $1200 on wall decor :)

And I LOVE this pendant light. We will probably need 2 above the table. I LOVE that its silver to mach the chairs. And I LOVE the industrial look of it. Im still on the hunt for the right size of these. I had to blow this picture up quite a bit. I am hoping to spend less than $300 on lighting. Wish me luck!!! Its a lot harder than I thought :(
We finally picked our wall color today. Hope to start painting tomorrow. Pictures to follow soon. I am SO excited I can hardly wait :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Need your opinions...

We are redoing our kitchen nook WHICH I am super excited about. Not remodeling...just changing up color/decor and furniture. But its a lot harder than I thought meshing my taste with my hubbies. Here is what we have now. With the only difference is we stained the table a couple years back. So now its this dark ebony color. I have loved this table. We had it custom built. But Im ready for something different. We have had it for over 8 years and I want something more classic. Here is what I want to change:

Wall color from olive green to a light grey

Add a white washed brick (shown here) back splash in the kitchen and below the bar

Dining Table and chairs

light fixture

rugs in the kitchen (and maybe a rug under the dining table)

new curtains

Here is what I have found and fell in LOVE with so far!!!!

I LOVE this table from Restoration Hardware!!!!
With these chairs from Crate and Barrel. So kid friendly too. Gotta LOVE that :) And I LOVE their industrial look.
I adore this chandelier but SLIGHTLY out of our price range by $3000 do-lar-es! YIKES!!! But i LOVE that it is made out of seashells. So cool!I have searched everywhere I can think of online: Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Crate and Barrell, Pier 1. But I still havent found an affordable Chandelier, Rugs for the kitchen sink and oven, and Curtains for the kitchen nook. I really want a fun and unique chandelier above the dining table. Something industrial would be perfect to tie in the medal chairs. And the family room is that dark blue/grey color so the rugs/curtains need to coordinate with that room as well. Im wanting to put in a white washed brick under the bar and in the kitchen as a back splash. I was inspired by this amazing designer who happens to be my beautiful sees-ta! She blogged about this kitchen which is where I fell in love with the white washed brick look! And why I want to lighten up my kitchen area a bit. SO any ideas of online stores with unique AND affordable chandeliers, rugs, and window treatments? Maybe I have hit a wall in the cyber world. Is it time for me to venture out to REAL life furniture stores with a 2 year old. haha! Please help :)