Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter to all my PEEPS

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter morning today.  I LOVED all the candy! I LOVED the excitement my kids had as they kept finding Easter eggs throughout the day. I LOVED the brunch and spending the whole day with my family.  


Monday, April 4, 2011

Making Progress :)

 Green walls, Dark stain pub table, navy and green damask curtains

My Restoration Hardware (look a like table that I scored for $2000 less!)

National Geographic Maps (Super cheap, super CUTE artwork!)

 The ALMOST finished product :)

Still to come:
Lighting: I LOVE the one on the left (Z Gallery) but Isaac doesnt :( So we compromised on the one on the right (Restoration Hardware-18 inch) which I still totally LOVE!  They are the same price.  Which one would you choose???
Chairs: Sundance Catalog...unless I find them cheaper

White washed brick for the back splash in the kitchen and under the bar
Then VOILA we will be done!  My next purchases are big ones so it may take a year before its totally complete.  But its SO worth the wait.  Im LOVING it!!!!
On a side BF was telling me today on the phone all I do is blog about things I LOVE.  I never mention stuff I HATE anymore.  So dont you worry my sweet little Casey I will find something I absoultely detest and tell everyone how awful it is!!! As soon as it happens I will blog it out! So stay tuned...

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I am loving this new tank of mine from Old Navy.  Im pretty sure I will be wearing it with my bday outfit on Friday.  Unless I get some new clothes from my hubby....we shall see! :)  Have I mentioned I am SO excited my bday coming up.  The big 3-0!!!!!  I cant wait! I LOVE birthdays!  So here is a simple outfit of the day.  Im liking simplicity lately and neutral colors.  But it will be warming up soon and when it does COLOR will be hitting my wardrobe.  I promise!

OOTD details:
White ruffle neck tank-Old Navy
Grey Cardigan-borrowed from sis
Suede skirt-Abercrombie and Fitch (back in the day)
Pearl and silver bangles-gift from Hubby and he cant remember where :)
Leather stilettos-Journeys (back in the day)