Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY Skinny Jeans

Here's how the Jean Transformation will go down:

1.Turn the pair of jeans (you want to make into skinnies) inside out.
2.Lay your favorite pair of skinnies over the top of them and pin along the edge of the skinnies (outlining the pattern)
3.Stitch along the line where your pins were.

 4.Zigzag stitch on the outside of your stitch so when you wash them it wont frey like crazy and unravel.
 5. Cut off extra fabric.  Make sure you cut the outer part so your not cutting into the skinny jean section.
 When you choose the side to pin/sew DONT choose this hem line.  It would be hard to copy.
 Instead choose this one. Your new seam will fit in perfectly with this one.
 And voila.  They arent perfect.  But no one can tell the difference.  And I LOVE them!

Were the instructions helpful or confusing??? I hope it sounds easy...because it seriously is SUPER easy!!! I am in no means a seamstress AT ALL.  Try it on an old pair of jeans first.  You will be so proud of yourself.  Let me know how they turn out!!!