Sunday, August 15, 2010

My top 5 songs on the radio right now...

#1 Bruno Mars "Just the Way You Are" Ya who is this guy??? He came out from the middle of no where. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Great message, great beat, great voice, GREAT song! He also sang with BoB "Nothing on You" and Travie McCoy "I Wanna be a Billionaire" Keep an eye on him :)

#2 Rihanna and Eminem "Love the Way You Lie" Not sure why I like this song so much but Rihanna has such a GREAT voice! LOVE her!!!

#3 OneRepublic "Secrets" The music is AMAZING! Love it!!!!

#4 Mike Posner "Cooler than Me" I LOVE the beat and I LOVE the attitude of the lyrics.
#5 Oooooo this is a hard one....I am gonna have to go with...Sara Bareilles "King of Anything". She has such a cute voice and the beat and swagger of this song just make me happy. So she will have to be my #5 spot.
Alright fill me in!!! What is your favorite song on the radio right now? And what is the song that you cant stand? (You know the one Im talking about? The one that you cant turn the station fast enough on!) Spill it!


  1. Musically we agree today!! Love it! The songs I hate. . . I can't think of the names, or maybe I'm just blocking them out. ;-)

  2. I will tell you Kylee's favorite song which happens to be the song I hate the most. "It's a quarter after one and I'm all alone and I need you now." Don't know the artist or the name but you know the song I'm talking about. They play it here on the radio all the time and every time I can't turn the station fast enough!

  3. So, I've decided that you and I need to be friends. Yep, you don't really get a say in the matter. I realised that I always enjoy talking to you at the YW trainings and I want to know more about you.
    BTW, I love your blog and I adore your thoughts on each item on your blog so can we be blog buddies too? (That is, if you don't think I'm to stalkerish then feel free to vist mine at!)
    Thanks girl!

  4. I love all those songs too. Especially the Bruno Mars one. I can listen to it over and over again!