Friday, December 10, 2010

Bakers....remember them?

I was looking at one of my Fashion Blogs and spotted these.......I totally LOVE them! This girl is an Anthroholic and all she ever posts are Anthropologie clothes/shoes so I thought for sure these ones would be WAY out of my price range until I looked at where she bought them....Bakers???? Seriously! I used to shop there in High School and thought they went out of business OR maybe it was just an AZ store. Apparently not. They are online!!!!
And then I saw them in this color :) I have been on the hunt for black closed toed wedges for QUITE some time now. Im so excited!!! And I cant complain considering they have a zipper too! LOVE IT! $59.95-Bakers
I love finding new Online stores I can fall in love with! And my favorite part is Bakers is FREE SHIPPING on everything! Love it!


  1. Oh yeah!! Nice. I am going there now.

  2. Holy moly I totally shopped there in high school too so apparently not just an AZ thing. : ) They are both super cute!

  3. I think there is a Bakers in the Fashion Place Mall on State Street up in Murray. Way cute shoes!!