Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mom and Me Journal

My 9 year old son and I started a "Mom and Me" Journal last Fall and it has been SO awesome!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!  Here's how it works:  He starts out by asking me a question and leaves it on my pillow.  I answer his question, then ask him a question.  Then put it on his pillow after he falls asleep or while he's at school.  The next time he gets it he answers my question then asks me another question...GENIUS right!  So great!!! I read about this on Pinterest and the blogger said, youth sometimes have a hard time opening up in person but it can be alot easier to open up through a journal or writing.  For instance, I will ask Tyler "How was school today?" And he just says "Good" and then runs off playing or never gives me more than 1 word answers.  
On Christmas Eve my husband was yelling to the kids to hurry and get to bed or Santa cant come and Tyler said "Dad...I still need to write in my Mom and Me Journal"  My husband said "Ty whats more important Santa bringing you presents or writing in a journal???" Then Tyler responds with EVERY MOTHERS DREAM ANSWER!!!! Wait for it....its that good.... "Dad whats more important? Presents OR getting to know my Mom better?"   Go ahead and sigh with me...ahhhhhh.  Is that not the sweetest???? 

His questions are ALWAYS so deep!  Some of my favorites:

How did you and Dad meet and decide to get married?
What is it like to get married Mom?
What happened when I was born?
What is it like to be a parent?
Whats a story about you as a kid?  Like breaking an arm...
I dont really know what to ask you so Free Choice!
What do you like about me?
What was it like when I was the only kid in the family?
What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?

MOST of his responses are hillarious!!! Some of my faves:

My question: What is your favorite Book of Mormon story?
His answer: "Samule the laminite. Why? He stould on a city wall. The reason why? City walls huge.  How did he get up there?"

My question (I repeated his question to me) If you could have anything in the world even made up things what would it be?
His answer: "Me and Asher made it up its called anything power (means do anything) So I could do everything but steal"
I LOVE that he thinks stealing is the worst thing out there...what about killing son! Lol!

I found this blog on pinterest.  It has a link for questions to ask your child before bed (pillow talk).  But in my case they are perfect for our Mom and Me Journal!! There is a lot Tyler doesnt know about me but its a lot harder for me to think of questions I dont already know about him.

I HIGHLY reccommend this! It has been so much fun to do this with my son and its something we BOTH look forward to every time its our turn!!!  And while we're at just so happens I know the perfect place to get the COOLEST journals.  Rustico Leather!!! Love them!