Thursday, July 1, 2010


My Twilight background: I have never read any of the Twilight Saga books. I know...ludacris right? I hate to read! There are so many other things I enjoy more so I just get my fill from the movies I watch. Someday maybe I will change my thinking and pick up a book, but as for now Hollywood is keeping me well informed. Thank You!

First things first...Hellooooooooo Jacob!I absolutely LOVED this movie! Its so much fun going into a movie and having no clue what is going to happen. I loved that they gave some back story as to how the Cullen family became vampires. I loved the love triangle between Jacob, Bella, and Edward, I loved when Jacob had his shirt off (not bc I liked staring :) but bc I LOVED how the entire audience would scream and clap. It was hillarious!) I also loved the giggling that went on during any of the almost love scenes. Utah Movie theaters is where its at!

One of my fave characters is CHARLIE. This Dad is such a stud! He obviously adores his daughter but he is so awkward and funny about how he shows it. His one liners kill me! LOVE THEM!!!! 2 parts I thought were cool with Charlie: A boy went missing and his parents were still searching for him and it had been over a year. Bella asked, "shouldnt they just give up?" Charlie responded, "Probably...but I couldnt. If you were missing I would never give up". SOOOO CUTE!!!! The question going through my head...I wondered if I was reading the book would I have cried? Can books make you cry like movies do?
My other favorite Charlie line, after Jacob kisses Bella and Edward confronts him, all H is about to break loose. And what does Charlie do? "Wo wo wo...lets take this down a notch." haha!!! If only he realized what was really about to go down...Im still smiling thinking about it.

Now for the big decision...Jacob or Edward? From my perspective (from the movies) its obvious Jacob doesnt have a chance. Yes she loves him but the connection and love she has for Edward is WAY different. But look at Jacob...I feel so sorry for him :)
And Edward...FINALLY they can kiss now without it looking like they were going to pass out. Am I the only one who HATED that? In the first 2 movies everytime they kissed it was so awkward...I get that he had to control himself bc her blood smelled so good BUT HONESTLY...haha!

My favorite DEEP THOUGHT of the movie: Bella went to visit her Mom right before graduation bc it will be the last time she supposedly will see her. Her Mom was saying how much nicer Florida Universities would be compared to the cold bitterness in Alaska if she goes to school there. This totally got me thinking...she wouldnt be able to feel the warmth of the sun, get a sun tan, come visit her Mom, see Charlie...if Bella becomes a vampire she wont get any of that. She will just have to repeat HS over and over again. That would get old real fast.
But.......if she chooses Jacob they could grow old together, she wouldnt lose any of her friends and family, she would be warm all the time, and she could have brown babies. It just seems to be a better option :)

My absolute Favorite Scene of the movie was during the snow storm. When Bella was freezing, Edward couldnt warm her up, and Jacob had to cuddle with her the whole night. TOO FUNNY!!! I loved the conversation between Jacob and Edward it was hillarious!
Eclipse was such a great movie. LOVED IT! Since I dont read the books the first time I see it Im pretty lost, but after getting things explained to me, the second time I watch it is always my favorite. So I cant wait to go again!!! Whos with me?


  1. Hey girl!! Okay so I went last night and LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I'm with you on a lot of the one liners that were GREAT, but the kissing, way better this time. The other two movies were so awkward when they would kiss so yes, finally there is a connection! :) I will totally go see it with you, I seriously fell in love with both of them all over again. I admit, I'm a fan of both of them. Can't she have them both somehow???? If only! I love this blog Bek, it's so fun to read!!

  2. Becky you are hilarious! Thanks for your review!! I love that you put in that she could have brown babies if she stayed with Jacob. Duh-seems like the obvious choice because of just that.

  3. This movie was totally about team Jacob! Maybe if they would have made Edward hot like he was supposed to be we would all feel different. Luckily there was no screaming in the theater that we were in. I think Colby might have died if there was. I still just think it was awesome that he went.

  4. I too am dying to see it again. I couldn't agree more with you on all your summaries. :)

    We should go see it again this weekend if we go to that girls night out thing. Or not we should still go see it! SMILE

    Great Post!

  5. I'm glad you loved it.. and YES, you do need to read the books. Books are always better than the movies. ;-) I'm going to see it tomorrow with all the girls! I'm excited! Loved your thoughts! You crack me up!
    Love ya!