Monday, July 12, 2010

Knight and Day

Dont you love it when you have a deep thought during a movie? Where it just gets you thinking and it sticks with you...even when you are driving home from the theater you cant stop thinking about that one thing that impressed you during that movie. Dont be confused in thinking I like deep thought movies bc that is definately NOT the case. In fact I like the opposite. Easy to follow movies, MUST HAVE comedy, romance is always nice, and I HATE anything sad. In "Knight and Day" with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz (LOVE her!) they were having a discussion on an airplane and Cameron's character says something about how she wanted to drive down the coast all the way to the tip of South America and then she ended by saying "someday..." Tom quickly says, "Someday is a dangerous word." She looked confused and asked what he meant. He says, "When people say someday, they really mean never."

How sad is that!!! It totally got me thinking. I have so many places I want to go in life: Hawaii, Italy, Paris, African Safari, myan pyramids, Jurusalem, one of those remote islands with a bungalo over the water with a see through floor...things I want to do: Scuba Dive all around the world not just the Crator in Midway (since I am Scuba certified I really need to branch out :) Go back to school and get my masters so I can teach Sign Language at a University, sky dive, ride in a hellicopter and/or hot air balloon, see Usher LIVE in concert, see Wicked on Broadway...things I want to buy: a black baby grand player piano, a 4 door Jeep (steel grey, with a hard top that folds back, a DVD player for the kids, a sweet lift with pimped out tires) a big chunky bed frame for our King mattress that has been on our bedroom floor for 3 years, a hot tub, a cabin in Park City or somewhere with an ocean front view (either is fine :) be able to shop at Anthropologie, pay off all of my parents debt so my Dad can quit his job...
These are a lot of somedays! Does this mean none of these things will happen? Will only a handful be possible? Which ones are the most important to me? I want to make sure that my somedays ARENT nevers. What are some of your somedays that you want to make sure happen?


  1. I thought the same thing about my "somedays". We can make them happen!

  2. Cameron Diaz totally reminds me of you, maybe that's why you and I both like her so much :) I think we all have a wish list of things to do in life, fun to think about them and hope you can make some of them happen. I always want life to be an adventure, I never want to get stuck in a day to day routine with nothing spontaneous to look forward to! Love the blog by the way!

  3. hmmmmm..that is some deep thinking Becky

  4. That is kind of sad to think about. . . My list is too long. Bummer.