Thursday, January 13, 2011

I found it! I mean them :)

My latest craze has been wide hip belts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these 3. This one is from Free People. LOVE IT! This one is Anthropologie. Ahhhhhh....sigh....perfect right!
I only found the image of this one while I was googling :) Not sure where its from or how much. But I SO want it! LOL. So cute and flirty. LOVE it!
My dillema: Anytime I want something made out of leather my husband gives me a hard time if I buy it BC he owns a business where he makes leather products. However anyone who knows the saying "If your married to a plummer you have leaky faucets" well if your married to a man who works with leather...I am the last thing on his list of custom pieces. So whats a girl supposed to do? Buy it and risk him wanting to take it apart so he can make one too OR just wait it out till he will make me a PIMP custom belt that will be his newest, hottest item and everyone will want one?


  1. I own that last belt, it's from Anthropologie and went on sale late last year. It's beautiful and it also comes in black!

  2. That is so funny about Isaac. He should be making you some pimp belts!

  3. LOOOOOVE the last belt! Too cute.