Monday, April 4, 2011

Making Progress :)

 Green walls, Dark stain pub table, navy and green damask curtains

My Restoration Hardware (look a like table that I scored for $2000 less!)

National Geographic Maps (Super cheap, super CUTE artwork!)

 The ALMOST finished product :)

Still to come:
Lighting: I LOVE the one on the left (Z Gallery) but Isaac doesnt :( So we compromised on the one on the right (Restoration Hardware-18 inch) which I still totally LOVE!  They are the same price.  Which one would you choose???
Chairs: Sundance Catalog...unless I find them cheaper

White washed brick for the back splash in the kitchen and under the bar
Then VOILA we will be done!  My next purchases are big ones so it may take a year before its totally complete.  But its SO worth the wait.  Im LOVING it!!!!
On a side BF was telling me today on the phone all I do is blog about things I LOVE.  I never mention stuff I HATE anymore.  So dont you worry my sweet little Casey I will find something I absoultely detest and tell everyone how awful it is!!! As soon as it happens I will blog it out! So stay tuned...


  1. Sorry Isaac my vote is for the Z Gallery one. Love it and it totally would look cool with the maps being very sleek globe looking! :)

  2. I like the one Isaac likes. Sorry Beck. : ) It's good that you don't hate that much. It means you are happy.

  3. Wow! It is looking sensational. I love the light colored blinds, they let in more light. The framed maps is such a fun idea! If it were me, because I'm OCD like that, I would probably space the frames a few inches further apart from each other so they're equidistant from each other and the walls on either side. Does that make sense? Anyway, it still looks fab!

  4. I just re-did our kitchen and have been looking for steel chairs. I found tolix type chairs way cheaper than Sundance or PB, just not sure if they are as solid, but huge price difference. I can't decide which to get, if the $$$ is worth spending or if i should grab the bargain! Check it out
    Garden side chair $79

    Love your vision!