Friday, November 5, 2010

Mondo Style

This crazy little nut is my favorite designer on Project Runway. Let me introduce you to Mondo Guerra. He has such a funky style that was so different than any of the other designers. But the thing I liked most about Mondo's style was not the way he dressed :) but the way he could mix totally different patterned fabrics with LOUD pops of color. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tweed skirt with the striped shirt. LOVE the high waist, LOVE the skinny belt, LOVE the length of her sleeves. So great!IThese were my faves from Mondo's collection in Fashion Week

What did I gain from this season of Project Runway? I REALLY want to learn how to sew clothes now. I know how to sew baby blankets, and burp rags, and pillows....BUT clothes. How cool would that be!!!!

1 comment:

  1. You should totally make me something for my birthday! haha. Okay so seriously outfit #2?! I love the colors and patterns but the pants up to the boobs with that pattern?. :) But what do I know. Love all the others! And you are super talented you should totally start sewing more. Winter is coming and it's a great time to whip out the old sewing machine.