Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pattern Mixing

Ever since this guy inspired me to switch things up with patterns and colors. I have loved the look of different patterns pieced together with bold colors. These are some of my favorite pieces I played around with for this weeks design board.

Target Zara

Ruche- LOVE this skirt!


Zara-This store is one of my faves for outwear/jackets. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Mod Cloth

Anthropologie- I LOVE this blouse! Isnt it gorgeous!!!
Pattern Mixing Experiment
My advice: Dont mix stripes with stripes. When you want to try out pattern mixing make sure the patterns arent TOO similar. One needs to be more dominant than the other. If you mix 2 patterns that are both busy the outfit will clash. It might be easier to try out 2 different colors first like the red Zara blouse with the black striped Anthro skirt. Then when you get the hang of pattern mixing play with it. It can be SO much fun and your wardrobe will double.
I remember my Mom telling me when I was younger that I couldnt wear that plaid skirt with the striped shirt. I wonder what she thinks of my style now :) LOL!

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