Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Best

"Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out.....strut down the street and have your picture took...."

Whether this song makes you think of Hello Dolly (like me)

OR if you think of Wall-E (like my kids) Either way that is exactly what we did. We put on our Sunday Best and had our picture took! (Note: the photographer was my 7 year old son :)
Shirt: ModBod Ivory Anna Ruffle (p.s. i got hooked up on this one though :) My neighbor used be the designer for ModBod and she sold all of her samples for a BUCK! Yep!!! $1. SCORE!!!
Skirt: Banana Republic (here is similar)
Favorite shoes in my closet right now!!! LOVE them! Mia Black Suede Wedge
Pearl Stud earrings: Banana Republic (here is similar) Again another deal. Got these beauties at the Banana Republic outlet after Thanksgiving for $4. Im a bargain shopper and I LOVE a good deal!

My cousin Eric's Mom gave me this antique pearl bracelet for Christmas. I absolutely LOVE it! Its so elegant!

Now for my little bambinos.... Little Miss Alli Jane is up first!

Pink ruffle cardigan: Old Navy (here is similar)
Jean Cap Sleep Dress: Old Navy (here is similar)
Grey tights: Old Navy: (here is similar)
Brown Suede boots: Gap (here is similar)
Asher apparently thought this was a Star Wars Photo Shoot. He is so funny!
Blue and White striped button up: Gap (here is similar)
Khaki Cargo Pants: Old Navy (here is similar)
Black Leather Boots: Old Navy (here is similar)
For his closeup he wanted to sing for you.And here is my oldest in his new suit! He turns 8 this weekend and is getting baptized so I wanted him to look legit :) Doesnt he look so grownup!
Black suit: Target
White collared shirt: Gap
Tie: Gap
Dark Brown Leather boots: Gap (here is similar)
I love dressing up! :)


  1. lovely outfit. and shoes! and your son is a pretty good photographer! kudos to him. he looks so sharp in a suit. and yes, he looks legit! :)

  2. Love the shirt. The kids are adorable as always.

  3. Yes, I LOVE your shoes! They are gorgeous! And your kids are so cute! I love that they participated in the photo shoot!