Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blogging With Pride!

I recently had some really negative feedback about my blogs:  I was having a really rough week wondering why someone who calls themself my friend would go behind my back and basically "tattle" on me.  It made me question who my friends are and wonder who these 2 anonymous women were that think I am "innapropriate" and "worldly".  I dont consider myself to be innapropriate AT ALL.  And honestly I think that everyone has a "worldly" habit whether it be cars, electronics, TV, travel, or in my case fashion! However, I do not feel I am extreme in this fashion craze of mine.  It is a passion of mine and something I love but I dont go into debt over it.  I buy one piece at a time or I save up for it. I dont dress immodestly or flaunt my body.  I try and post good finds at good prices that are trendy and affordable. I told a few of my close friends about this little episode of these suppose-ed BLOG HATERS of mine and word must have got out bc 2 days after the incident I had a card on my front door.  It read: "Becky, Buy it...Buy it proud and Post it on your blog with PRIDE!" with an Anthropologie Gift Card for $250!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me! I know who this amazing person is and she refused to take back the GC or even split it with me but she did agree to go on a shopping date with me.  And that we did! 

We started off our night with Cheesecake Factory.  And I have to say my favorite menu items right now are the sweet corn tamale cakes appetizer, the baja chicken tacos, their french fries and ranch, and their chocolate coconut cream cheesecake.  Mmmmmm! Sorry no pictures but Im sure your imagination is totally doing them justice :)

Then we were off to Gateway Mall and headed staight to Anthro.  What a fabulous store!  Up till this point I have never bought a piece of clothing there.  I have loved several items from their website and catalog but I have only used the Anthro style for inspiration but now with this HUGE GC I was able to really shop around and get something great.  I am still humbled at this dear friend of mines generosity.  She is always so uplifting and ALWAYS has great fashion advice!  Here are my fitting room tryouts...

This skirt is SO classy and I absolutely loved it! But $168 is extremely steep for something I would wear a handful of times in a year.  But I still think it is extremely LOVELY!

These pants I fell in love with on the rack! I have wanted a cute pair of sailor linen pants for YEARS....literally YEARS people! And I have finally found them! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

You know how I am so into stripes right now! This shirt was so comfortable and assymetric how could you not LOVE it?  But unfortunately for me I could not get myself to spend $68 on a tshirt.  Again, I am not used to these prices even with a FAT GC I was still being my frugal self unable to spend a fortune on these gorgeous clothes.
And then I saw it! Bedding that I have had my eye on for a good year. And get was on SALE!!!!  A color a man would love; with the frills and ruffles any women would need :)  It is the perfect combination for a couples bed.  LOVE IT! And now I own it!
Here it is all put together on our bed.  Its such a nice, soft, jersey knit material.  Now I need to make some cute throw pillows to bring in some lighter tones.  Cant wait to post the finished product.  Oh! And I am really excited to say I ALMOST have enough money saved for my ZGallerie chandelier and then my dining room will be complete.  Pics coming soon!!!!
And one more shout out to my sweet friend who lifted my spirits when I was feeling so down.  Good friends, Cheesecake Factory, and Anthro CAN. IN. FACT. make you feel better.  And I am lucky enough to have the greatest friends in the world.  Thanks for all of your sweet words and encouragement.  Love your guts!!! 


  1. oh that is so sad! Some people are just mean, I can't believe that! I think that fashion is a great way to be expressive. You can tell people a lot about yourself without even talking just by what you wear. I think that is so so fun. And Your bed spread is amazing. Seriously. I am having serious bed envy right now.

    -Heather from

  2. lame. those peeps can just shut it, you're super cute and i ADORE that pink skirt! so lovely. I've only ever freepiled stuff from anthro since it's all so expensive. so so pretty though! :)