Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why is ALL the cute stuff "Dry Clean ONLY"

Here I am trying to pose all by myself....Great posture right??? Nope!  And then my BF aka "my photographer" tells me stick my chest out, put my shoulders back and stick my butt out!  There is so much you have to focus on when all Im trying to capture is my cute outfit. LOL!  Im sure you can guess which picture is the one I tried to follow her instructions.

And then my arms....What the H do you do with a 6 foot wing span? I still am searching for the answer on this one.  Ok....ok enough of my insecurities for a day.  Lets focus on the outfit shall we. 

Outfit details:
Top: Downeast Basics
Skirt: Bags that Fit (Boutique shop in American Fork,UT)
Pearl bracelets: gift
Taricata flats: Target

I LOVE LOVE LOVE pockets right now! This skirt was a must in my book! The only negative....DRY CLEAN ONLY....EW! Why Why Why????  I never go to the dry cleaners.  It is totally out of the way for me.  Lame! So if I have to pick one negative thing about my adoreable new skirt would be the "dry clean only" tag. HATE it!

1 comment:

  1. Love the new outfit it is so cute!!

    I love the dry cleaners they make your clothes pretty. And it's not like you have to go often just once in a while. Really it's not that bad. It helps if the hubby has clothes to take too ;)