Saturday, July 23, 2011

I found this tank at Urban Outfitters! LOVE....D It! Yes in the past tense :(

 The zipper was definately my favorite part!!!  So cute!  LOVE IT!
Such a cute tank to dress up a plain white tee with skinnies and I LOVED it!!! LOVED the lace detail, LOVED the length, and it hung just right. Until........IT SHRUNK! :( Can you believe it!  I followed the care directions perfectly and it shrunk up probably 3-4 inches.  SO SAD!!! So in this case I am going to have to HATE IT!  However Urban Outfitters I still LOVE bc they returned my shirt hassle free and gave me cash back no questions asked.  Great customer service!!!!


  1. That really stinks. i hate it when that happens. BTW you should let me try it on now. haha :)

  2. oh sad! this is so cute though, and I am loving the zipper down the back!!!!

    -Heather from