Sunday, September 18, 2011

GREAT Advice

This cute girl has a blog called "LittleGirl Big Closet" it is a very unique fashion blog!  Not only does she have great style...she posts how she feels, she posts real thoughts, real situations.  Her blog is so sincere and I applaud her for being so vulnerable in her blogging style.  Very rarely does a blogger open up about personal issues, but she does and with her HUGE following of readers I think thats pretty amazing.  She recently blogged about THE. CRAZIEST. fashion blogger SCAM.  I was shocked to read about one of my fashion blogs I totally follow turn out to be a dishonest personal shopper who took money from SO many people! Such a sad CRAZY story.  But back to my girl (pictured above) I really LOVED something she wrote in her blog post where she talks about "wants".  It really hit home with me.

Taken from "Shopaholics Anonymous" (read full post here):
On her personal spending habits:
"Realistically, my budget simply can not keep up with my ever-growing wants, and I refuse to even try. I will not veer from my self-imposed monthly limit. I am fortunate enough to not have had to start my life out with debt hanging over my head. I have no student loans to repay, no car payments. And no credit cards*. I have a debit card linked to a checking account, into which a fixed amount of money goes in every month, and that is the money I allow myself to spend on, what I must admit, are non-essentials. I won't go into numbers and figures, but I'll tell you something I do know from first-hand experience. Even when I was "constrained" by a monthly budget three times what it is right now, there were just as many things on my wishlist I couldn't afford."

I LOVED this. It is so easy to get caught up in a shopping frame of mind. And I have to regularly take a step back and realize this is of NO importance! I have to remind myself WHAT and WHO are important to me. It was a nice little reminder. And on that note...THIS guy is so important to me. He happens to be the man of my dreams and I still totally have a crush on him!!! This video made that very clear to me :) I LOVE to hear him talk about Rustico. He is so passionate about it! I am such a lucky girl to have a husband who loves what he does. You will totally be able to see what I mean when you watch the video.

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  1. So TRUE about the quote. It's is hard to distinguish between a WANT and a NEED sometimes. :)

    Sorry Ike I have no sound on this computer will have to watch later. Yes, Beck you are one lucky girl! ;)