Sunday, September 11, 2011

PINTEREST??? What is that?

OMG!!! I am seriously officially addicted to this Pinterest craze.  It just happened 3 days ago.  And luckily my hubby is "preocupado" this week so luckily for me I get to indulge with as much pinterest as I want after the bambinos go to bed!  LOVE IT!

It really is THE.COOLEST. INVENTION. EVER!  I have often thought as Im doing searches through Google Image that there has got to be a better way.  Where you can narrow it down to your interests OR search by categories.  Well apparently someone had already thought of all that and I now consider him a GENIUS! His name is Ben and thats about all I know of him.  But he is a rockstar in my book.

Here are some of my fave design boards I have stumbled upon over the last few days.  The bad thing is Im not sure who to give credit too.  Sometimes peoples pins have a website attached showing where they got the pic or where to find something but not always :(  Yet, one thing these 3 all have in common are the cute comfy shoes by TOMS.  LOVE!  I have yet to own my first pair of TOMS but Im sure it will be happening soon.

For Fall I am ALL about comfort and these next 2 outfits are SO my style.  LOVE the layering, LOVE the scarf, LOVE the soft fabrics of the shirts, LOVE the bag to add a pop of color.

This outfit is pretty similar in comfort level and style.  But the one thing I would change is the watch.  Not a big fan....but maybe swap it out with a chunky Nixon one or maybe one of those yellow Gold watches that I usually oogle over everytime I see one.

And my FAVORITE!!!! Look at these yellow corduroy wedges.  Im dying! They are so fun! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! And they HAVE to be comfy bc they are TOMS.  Or at least thats what Im told.   

On a side note: I have to give a SHOUTOUT to Rustico TOMS is now selling our journals on their website! How cool is that!!!! So excited :)  LOVE IT!!!!

So back to pinterest.  If you havent joined in on the fun.  You need to! I promise you will LOVE IT just as much as me.  Promise!

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  1. Becky, I need to follow you. What is your name on pinterest? I equally LOVE pinterest!