Friday, September 23, 2011

Some NEW faves

Are you ever sick of doing the same exact thing with your hair EVEYDAY??? I am!  I HATE that I have no talent with hairdos whatsoever! I seriously know how to flat iron my hair, do a lose curl due, and a simple pony tail.  Thats it! Sad I know :(  But a high messy bun on the top of the head has been pretty hip lately with some of my fashion blogs and it got me excited bc I can do a pony.  Its a totally different look on me thats for sure.  Nice change?  I do LOVE that it shows off my new earrings that my girl Mim gave me para mi cumpleanos.  They are gorgeous! And NO she did not buy them from Anrtho...she made them!!! I know the girl is talented!!! Love her! Love her mad skills! And I LOVE her gifts :)

My new top I found at new boutique store in University Mall next to Nordstrom called Mikarose.  I must admit it was not my favorite store.  It had lots of things in there that EVERY other store in UT has but they did have THIS beautiful floral print top that I have been on the search for.  I LOVE it! So much!!!

 Another option:  Paired with my Anthro sailor linen pants.  LOVE yet again!

New top I found in NYC on our recent vacate.  Found in a random shop in Tribecca called Tribecca Fashions (original name huh!).  It was right across the street from our hotel.  Best part it was only $16 bucks!  Its kind of a long shirt/dress so I rocked the side knot.  Bringin back the 80's...I know...theyre already here :)

 LOVE the buttons down the back

 And get this! My favorite part.  It totally doubles as a dress! It was just a little too short so I thought what if I wore it over a skirt to add some color.  Love how it turned out!!!
I have to give a shoutout to my FABULOUS photogropher Asher :) My adoreable 5 yr old! Hes such a stud!!! Which is why all the photos are from an upward angle unless he was standing on a chair.  Fun times!


  1. So many fab things here! Love the bun, and that floral top is perfection. Also, I really dig that top over the skirt! So pretty! And of course you're rocking those earrings!

  2. I LOVE all of these new outfits you've been sporting!! Oh and serious...Asher has some TALENT!! These pics are Sweeeeeet!!! :)