Thursday, October 20, 2011

Its finished!

Remember this?  Now we have THIS!!!  I am absolutely IN LOVE with my dining room now!!! Everything about it: the light grey paint color, my amazing "copycat" table from Restoration Hardware I got for 1/3 of the pri$e,The medal industrial chairs, the framed maps, the burlap curtains, and my "ECLIPSE" CHANDELIER from ZGallery I saved for 3 months for. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  ALL of it!
 Here is an arial view from our loft upstairs.
 The legs of the table are my favorite part of its coolness!  Love them! 

 And I have to say...random side note...this little $3 plastic stool from Ikea makes the perfect booster for my 3 year old.  LOVE quick CHEAP fixes! 

Thanks to my girl Rikke for being my photographer!!!  Now you can finally go pin it on Pinterest :)  Youre the coolest.  Thanks Rikke Rik!

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  1. CUTE!! LOVE it all!! Great work! Now come do mine! ;-)