Thursday, January 20, 2011


Pink...not the color...even though this looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING :) especially this late at night. Mmmmm! But this one! Pink has never been one of my favorite artists but at the same time I have always liked her. Yet, I have never bought any of her songs bc they are played PLENTY on the radio. But, tonight my neighbor told me to watch a YouTube video of one of her latest songs. And I LOVE IT! The song is about her breakup with her Ex. (pictured below) Anyway they were together for 6 years and finally called it quits. Then she wrote this song and they got back together. Her story is: she was selfish for the 6 years they were together and she was always trying to change him. So writing this song was really humbling for her and made her want him back. Super sweet song! (all my facts are from watching OPRAH btw. haha!)I just had to post this picture bc I think it is SO adoreable!!! LOVE IT! Arent kissing pictures the cutest! Love her sunglasses, LOVE her haircut, Love his jawbone. So sweet :)

Back to the song. Its called "I Dont Believe You". Its a chill song....totally different than her other music. And my favorite part is the chorus. Just listen to it! I hope you LOVE it as much as I do. ENJOY!!!

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