Monday, January 24, 2011

Is it Just ME???

I love to watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I dont know why its so intriguing to watch ALL THE DRAMA! But it is SO captivating to me to see how crazy these girls act. And the whole idea of it all. He is thrown into all these relationships and someone....actually several someones get hurt. BAD! Its really sad to watch. So why do I continue to watch it??? Who knows! But I LOVE IT! So here is what I have been freaking about this whole time. This girl Emily. She is THE sweetest girl on the show in my opinion. As a matter of fact one of the girls on the show commented last week "I want to hate her...BUT how can you hate a perfect little barbie doll with the heart of Mother Theresa" haha! So true!
She is absolutley beautiful with a rockin body but the thing Im tripping over is she looks IDENTICAL to... THIS GIRL! Is it just me OR does Emily look EXACTLY like Hugh Heffners favorite girl?

Well....What do you think???


  1. Funny because when I first looked at the picture I thought it was that girl Holly. BTW she is no longer with Hugh.

  2. EEEEEeeeeeeek! I watch The Bachelor too. It's my guilty pleasure. And I HEART Emily too! Her story had me bawling like a baby. I'm afraid she's too good for Brad.
    btw, thanks 4 stopping by my blog. and you have the cutest kids!

  3. LOL.... I was telling my sis-in-law (who doesn't watch bachelor) about how sweet she is. She flipped the show on one night and asked which one she was. And I said, she looks like a playboy bunny. HA!!!

  4. I never would have thought of that...but yes she totally does look like her! I LOVE emily, she is the sweetest. But I think chantal will win.