Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have always thought Beyonce is so beautiful. She is a great dancer, has gorgeous hair, AMAZING voice, rockin body, and she always seems so classy on awards shows. When I first heard her song "If I Were a Boy" on the radio I loved it right away. Not bc I understood what it was about but bc it was such a beautiful song. Well one day I wanted to know what she meant by "if I were a boy", so I YouTube'd it! Here is the video...Its pretty much a little mini movie where she is a police officer and compares 2 of her relationships: one with her boyfriend and the other with her partner at work. I LOVE this music video! And the ending is so not what you would expect. Its one of those story lines that make you really sympathize for one character and then in the end it all changes. Watch it! You will love it too.


  1. Very cool video. I loved how it told a story like a movie. I haven't watched a music video for forever!!!!Love ya

  2. Woah! Dig it! Totally. I'm with Missy. I haven't watched a music video in a very long time. That was fun. Thanks for sharing!

  3. REALLY liked this video. It made me like the song more. Gotta love Beyonce.