Monday, May 24, 2010

The Blue Lemon

The past couple days I have really been struggling with something to blog about. I know right! Can you believe it???? I just couldnt think of anything blogworthy to post. Then I have the pressure of posting something regularly for my readers. After all it had been 2 days since my last post :) Then tonight something FANTASTIC happened!!! My husband and I were invited to a VIP event to the Blue Lemon Restaurant. They just opened a new location in downtown Salt Lake directly across the street from the LDS Temple. Most Incredible location EVER!!!
This is one of my fave restaurants. If you havent been...GO! The Blue Lemon is amazing. LOVE IT! The food is a fresh, healthy, organic twist of YUMMINESS! If you know me I am not into healthy foods at all, yet the Blue Lemon is divine. Tonight I ordered a chicken and artichoke tomato entree. LOVED it!!!! It was a creamy red sauce on the plate, then a delicious mound of garlic mashed potatos, with a petit grilled chicken on top of that, topped with artichoke, and bell peppers. YUM! I wish I took a picture bc that is another unique plus with the Blue Lemon is their food presentation. Love it! We had such a great night with my husbands side of the family. And I just couldnt get over how beautiful this restaurant was. All the light fixtures throughout the entire place were incredible!!! Here are a few pictures of the new location in downtown SLC.
This is the view from the street. They have patio seating as well with these gorgeous fountains throughout the courtyard. I really should have taken more pictures. Dont worry I will go back soon. The atmosphere was incredible!
Just promise me one thing...when you go...and believe me you will want to have to go to the bathroom. The chandelier in there is TO DIE FOR! Love it!


  1. I love it when places have really cool bathrooms. Seriously public places should invest more into them.

  2. I did it!! Do I win an award for running straight home and following you??? I think so :D!

  3. It really is beautiful. I LOVE Blue Lemon. Now I want to go down and visit the grounds with my family and eat there, so fun!

  4. That sounds so fresh and yummy! Wish I lived closer. You'll just have to enjoy it for me!