Sunday, May 30, 2010

Time to Shake My Money Maker

Remember my last post that was slightly depressing??? Quick recap: Watched "Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium" Loved the music in it. I missed my piano. Now I want one BAD! But not just a cheapy; I want a Baby Grand. Lots of money and doesnt look likely in the near future...Sad!

So, my dream piano has been on my mind a lot lately. And my husband told me to start saving my money. He reccommended saving $20 out of my budget money every 2 weeks and use that for my piano. Which if you do the math that would be over 5 years!!! But yesterday he offered me a SWEET deal. He asked me to take over his Rustico Blog. It was started when he revamped the Rustico website a few years ago but hasnt been touched again...till now! :) He is going to pay me $25 per post. LOVE IT! This will make my $2500 goal come much quicker than 5 years to get my dream piano. And who knows maybe KSL and Craigslist will have even sweeter deals in the upcoming months. We shall see!

So Im not necessarily going to shake my money maker in order to raise money for my newest dream. But Im definately going to shake things up over at Rustico. At least with their blog :) Im so excited to start. Hey! I wonder if this post counts as a Rustico Blog post! Afterall it will get some traffic their way right? haha! LOVE IT!


  1. I'm checking out Rustico's blog right now! You're right, totally worth $25 bucks for this one!

  2. Nice beck. I hope you get your dream piano. I know you want one so bad. Plus you are very talented at it. I would love to hear you play again!!

  3. Wow, I thought baby grandes were way more than that. Congrats on your new "job"! Sounds like fun. So I figured out how to become a follower on your blog, because I love you! But I dont have a profile pic, oh well.

  4. I want to see you shake it! And I want to see pictures of this beautiful piano when you get it!