Friday, May 21, 2010


I went to the ATT store today....Yep! I am not giving up that easy Apple Care PIECES OF TRASH!!! :) So I walk in tell them my situation and the sales guy asks for my cell # and says he will go get a manager to help me. He comes back out without his manager and continues to tell me how sorry he is and how "this must be so frustrating for me" SHPEEL! I just smile at him like "you gotta be kidding me" look. And then he says, "I know it may have been easy when you registered your Apple Care Protection Plan online you may have just glanced at the fine print and clicked accept. But bc you feel like you were mislead when you purchased the plan we are going to go ahead and refund you your $69.99. So ATT redeemed themselves! But Apple is still in the dog house. It still is going to cost me $200 to get my phone fixed or replaced. Such a joke! They refuse to fix the screen bc they say is will void my warranty bc the damage that may have occured to the software when it got dropped, sat on, stepped on, or who knows what happened to it during our Childs family picnic. But now that I have a $70 credit my phone would really be $130 but still...just one more of those random expenses you aren't expecting. Not fun! Nonetheless my trip down to Orem was a success I got my money back and they still let me keep the WORTHLESS Apple Care Protection Plan. So until my phone stops working or if $130 grows on one of our trees I will have to suffice with being content with my sad touchscreen.


  1. wow. what a great picture! I mean seriously you must have a great camera or a photographer for that matter. ;)

    glad you got some CREDIT from AT&T. SMILE

  2. Cell phones drive me nuts! I'm so excited that you got SOMETHING from them!