Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Everything in Life...You Can Learn from Greys!

Thursdays are great days. I LOVE that after the kids go to bed me and my sis get together on the couch and turn on the tvo with anticipation as we see what masterpiece our two favorite shows Greys Anatomy and Private Practice will deliver to us. LOVE them!!!! Yes, there is a lot of drama and "S". But every Thursday night I have learned yet another lesson from my Dr's at Seattle Grace as well as some useful medical terminology :)
Dr Bailey is a strong willed, no-nonsense, BLUNT, single mom, Resident. People often come to her for advice. However, her biggest pet-peeve is when the interns spill all of their petty problems to her especially when it has to do with their love affairs. Yet, she always has something fantastic to say...its usually brutal but its always exactly what they need to hear.

Lesson #1 Dr Torez (Callie) was struggling in her current relationship of wanting children and wondering when is the best time to start a family since this was something she is really passionate about. Bailey's response, "Never! Its never a good time to have kids! BUT its the best decision you can ever make. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning with your little child jumping into bed with you and snuggling up to his Mommy. It makes your heart melt. You ask when is it a good time? Never, would be my answer bc kids definately throw a wrench in the mix. But honestly I wouldnt want to have a life without my son. He's what makes my world worth living."

Lesson #2 There was a women who had been in a car accident and was pinned under her burning car. She was admitted into a burn unit for several months. During that time she met her best friend (another burn victim). The woman was coming to have a surgery to get hair implants bc her head was bald on one side from her bad burns. She was so excited to look "somewhat" normal but in her pre-op visit her Dr realized 3 of her fingers needed to be amputated which meant she would not be able to do her cosmetic surgery bc of her severe infection on her hand. Needless to say this devistated the woman! And her friend quickly responded, "We can do this! You need to be greatful to even be alive! We have each other. We will get past this" The woman responded with frustration, "Im losing 3 of my fingers!" Then her friend repeated, "We are so lucky to be here. We have each other. Be positive, look at the bright side..." Then Dr Bailey interrupts, "NO! No, you dont have to be positive. Your allowed to cry! You were coming here for an exciting surgery to give you your hair back and instead your losing 3 of your fingers. Its ok to be mad. Its ok you can cry! Tomorrow you can be happy! But today lets cry."

To sum it up:

I LOVE that I have 3 beautiful kids.


Its ok to cry today."Tomorrow you can be happy".


  1. I gave up on my Grey's awhile back when my DVR was constantly maxed out. But amongst all of the "S" (lots and lots) there were those teaching moments. Thanks for the new lessons since I missed them!

  2. ha ha. great post. and how true it is. great things come from Greys. ;)

  3. Aw, the wisdom of Dr. Bailey. She does rock, doesn't she! Love your new blog. You are deep girl!

  4. HA HA HA! I'm sad to say that I've never really gotten into Greys.. . can we still be friends?