Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cutest One Pieces OUT THERE!

Spring is coming! We have to believe it OR it will never happen. So if you guys believe it too things will start warming up. I promise :) And if that happens that means we can play in the sun again. Oh.......I cant wait!!!!

Now on to the Swimsuits...If your anything like me after having 3 kids my body isnt necessarily ready to rock a bikini anymore. So instead I have found some modest swimsuits that are still cute and SEXY!

Delias $35

Volcom $82 My Fave: LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!!! Urban Outfitters $89: I think this one is SO classy. LOVE it!

Tilly's $80 LOVE this one too!!!! A lot! It has a vintage feel which I am so into right now. And I LOVE how it gathers in between the chest with black fabric. JCrew $125: Seriously can you go wrong with ruffles these days???? Nope!
JCrew $88: Gorgeous! But I cant pull off the bandeaux top sadly...JCrew $80: Not sure about the cups but love the print and straps. If anyone has tried this one let me know what you think about the underwire.
Gap $43 for the top. This one reminds me of a Michael Kors one I have that is now see through and stretched out :( It was my favorite swimsuit I wore for 3 years straight. (Note to self: Dont wear your favorite swimsuit when you are newly pg. It may fit but you will be sad in the end when you cant wear it anymore bc you strretched it out....not that Im speaking from experiece or anything. LOL) But this one is so classic and sexy! LOVE it!
Which one is your fave???


  1. I love that Volcom swimsuit. Dang it. I hate that we always love the same ones. : ) Check out this cute little girls swim from J Crew

  2. Funny that you posted this. I'm on the hunt for a new swimsuit. Blah! I hate doing it. Oh well, it must be done. Because like you I wore mine OUT wearing it while pregnant. Oops.

  3. Darling! The second piece with the stripes is brilliant since it has a slimming effect. Also, I love the ruffle suit from J. Crew! I have something similar.