Monday, March 14, 2011

I HEART Anthro

I was up in Salt Lake today bc my kids were out of school so I took them up to the Childrens museum. FUN place!!!! But I had to sneak into ONE store. And ONE store only. Anthropologie. Sigh........doesnt it just make you happy hearing that word! Here are my favorite finds that I wish could have come home with me that I saw today.

Dont these look so comfy. YES Please!!!!

Again...who doesnt want a nice yoga pant. I LOVE the length too! Being 5'9 its hard to find a nice long comfy pajama pant that touches the floor. I am SO into stripes right now. And I LOVE how casual comfy this top is. Also the price tag isnt too shabby compared to my other finds of the day :)
These pants were AWESOME!!!! I have been on the look out for some hip hugger/wide leg pants ever since I saw Kendi Everyday wear these. These were a linen knit that seemed so casual and cute.Here I go with the stripes again. This print reminds me a lot of this. I obviously cant get both. But how do you choose????
You HAVE to check out the lighting section at Anthropologie. Its probably my favorite feature of their website :) This lamp was AMAZING in person. LOVED it!
Anytime I walk into this store I am obsessed with THIS scent. It is so yummy!!!
LOVE this store WAY too much! But a girl can dream....

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