Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mad Mim

I recently met THE. MOST. AMAZING person at a baby shower.  Her name is Miriam and she is the coolest! LOVE her!!!!!  During the shower I noticed her adoreable maternity shirt and great style.  Then as our mutual friend started opening her baby gifts she pulls out these onesies with the cutest lace embellishments EVER.  Not to mention the color lace and onesie matched perfectly. I HAD to meet this girl.  How did she do it?  So I walk over to my new acquantance who I quickly FELL FOR.  She was super sweet and so modest about how amazing of a seamstress she was.  Come to find out she MADE HER SHIRT!!!!  And the onesies she sewed a cute white lace on a white onsie then soaked them in dye so they would be the same color.  GENIUS???? I think so! I instantly had the urge to want to take our acquaintance status to the next level :) So I invited her up to my house for lunch.  She on the other hand wanted to do more than lunch...she wanted to work on a project.  So we whip out some fabric I recently scored and got to work!  It was some sweet jersey knit fabric with an Anthro type print on it for $2 bucks!  I was SO excited Miriam wanted to help me create the skirt that I had only imagined ever since I bought the fabric.

Are you ready to see some pictures??????

Look at the way it drapes. LOVE it!!!

This was such a fun day!!! Not only was it fun to make a new friend but it was an inspiring day!  We litterally got one of my skirts laid it down on the fabric and basically traced it with some chalk so we knew where to cut.  It made me feel like I can be Mondo.  I have always wanted to just sit down and sew something I have imagined or seen before.  And now I feel like I can!  Maybe not quite like my girl Mad Mim but I definately had a sweet lesson and just wait you WILL be seeing another creation from me coming soon...I promise!

Outfit details:
Cardigan-Target (last Fall)
White ruffle neck tank-Old Navy (recent)
Shoes-Journeys (back in the day. LOVE them!)


  1. That is so cool! Now you can teach me how to make one. It turned out so cute. Way to go btw inviting someone over you don't really know. I need to be more like you.

  2. Man, you kill me. First of all, you make me sound like some sort of sewing super hero. I love it. Can't get enough of it actually. Did I mention I just want to put you in my pocket? Or maybe make your enthusiasm a ringtone or something??:)
    And secondly, it was a great day. Can't wait to get together again.
    You're OWNING that skirt, and seriously, HOW do you look SO amazing???

  3. FUN!! And darling skirt. Can't wait to see more!