Sunday, March 20, 2011

So bummed!

Have you ever been SO excited to find the perfect boot??? Well I did! I loved these boots the moment they came in the mail. They werent too big around my skinny legs, they were the perfect color brown, and they were super comfortable! Perfection right???

Well after about 2 weeks of wearing them I noticed the "leather" started cracking. WHAT! Leather shouldnt crack and show a white fabric behind them. I ended up having to return them. For the price I paid for them they needed to be genuine leather :(
Here is one snapshot I found of my boots I LOVED!!!! That turned into to boots I miss terribly bad which I HATE!


  1. So sad Beck. I too loved those boots!

  2. Bummer to hear about the boots! I ended up getting a pair from Nordstrom at the end of season (though not at end of season prices, mind you) and have been so thrilled at the quality. Hope you're able to find something before all the spring strappy shoes come out!